Town Government/Records

Assessor’s Reports – LH.049

Bound serials, unbound serials. Reports outside of these years appear in Westborough Town Reports.

Official collection name: Westborough Assessor’s Reports, 1853-1956, 1963, 1972

Location: Reference shelving

Local identifier: LH.049

Creator: Town of Westborough

Date: 1853-1956, 1963, 1972

Extent: 2 linear feet

Subject: Tax assessment–Westborough (Mass.)

Historic District Surveys – LH.002

Photocopies of house surveys that are held at the Westborough Historical Commission and some administrative documents that were sent to the Library for the convenience of the public during the process of nominating sections of town for Historic District status. Note, copies are also available online through the MACRIS database.

Official collection name: Historic District Surveys and Documentation, 1978-2008

Location: Filing cabinet

Local identifier: LH.002

Creator: Westborough Historical Commission and the Westborough Public Library

Date: 1978-2008

Extent: 6 file folders

Subject: Historic buildings–Westborough (Mass.)

Online access:

Lyman School Citizen Advisory Committee – LH.019

Binder. Meeting minutes, memoranda, and reports resulting in recommendations for the redevelopment of the Lyman School property.

Official collection name: Lyman School Citizen Advisory Committee Records, 1988

Location: Shelving

Local identifier: LH.019

Creator: Lyman School Citizen Advisory Committee

Date: 1988

Extent: One binder

Subject: City planning–Westborough (Mass.)

School Records – OD.004

Most of the records in this collection were created in the nineteenth century. They document planning for the repair and building of schools, splitting the town into separate districts, the hiring and firing of teachers, and the administering of schools within each district. Documents relating to disciplining students include the “Report on Events Leading to Expelling Emey Colburn by the Westborough School Association, 1840” (OS.02), “Adopted By-Laws Concerning Truant Children, 1871” (1.015), and entries from March 14-28, 1887 in School Committee Records, 1862-1892 (1.002).

Official collection name: Historical Records of the Town of Westborough: Schools

Location: Shelving and Oversize

Local identifier: OD.004 (Accession number 2015.02)

Creator: Town of Westborough

Date: 1724-1932

Extent: 3 linear feet (1 banker box + 1 oversize box)

Subject: Schools–Westborough (Mass.)

Finding aid: OD004 – Westborough School Docs

Street Lists – LH.053

Bound and unbound volumes of Street Lists.

Official collection name: Westborough Street Lists, 1924-Present

Location: Reference shelving

Local identifier: LH.053

Creator: Town of Westborough

Date: 1924-Present

Extent: 3.5 linear feet

Subject: Westborough (Mass.)–Address books

Tercentenary Committee Records – OD.008

Documents, textiles, and photographs that document Westborough’s celebration of the 300th anniversary of the founding of Massachusetts in 1930.

Official collection name: Tercentenary Committee Records

Location: Shelving and Oversize

Local identifier: OD.008

Creator: Town of Westborough

Date: 1928-1931

Extent: 3 linear feet (1 box + 1 photograph box + 2 oversize boxes)

Subject: Celebrations–Massachusetts–Westborough (Mass.)–1620-1640

Finding aid: OD008 – Tercentenary Committee Records

Town Administrative Documents – OD.001

Most of the records in this collection fall between the late eighteenth century and the early nineteenth century. They document the administrative activities of the Town of Westborough, including town meetings, selectman activities, indenture servant contracts, church records, military records, and the layout of the town boundary, roads, and bridges. Genealogists will find valuable information in the Vital Records, Indentures, Military, and Church Records series.

Official collection name: Historical Records of the Town of Westborough: Administrative Documents

Location: Shelving and Oversize

Local identifier: OD.001

Creator: Town of Westborough

Date: 1724-1929

Extent: 3 linear feet (1 banker box + one oversize box)

Subject: Westborough (Mass.)–Politics and government

Online access:

Finding aid: OD001 – Westborough Administrative Docs

Town Census and Tax Lists – OD.003

Most of the lists in this collection are tax related and fall between the late-eighteenth and mid-nineteenth centuries. The tax lists provide important historical and genealogical information about the make-up of town residents in lieu of official census figures, although surviving lists for some years are more complete than others. Many of the lists divide the town into north and south, with the “Great Road” (now Route 9) serving as the dividing line.

Official collection name: Historical Records of the Town of Westborough: Census and Tax Lists, 1756-1879

Location: Shelving and Oversize

Local identifier: OD.003

Creator: Town of Westborough

Date: 1756-1879

Extent: 4 linear feet (5 boxes + one oversize box)

Subject: Tax assessment–Westborough (Mass.); Census–Westborough (Mass.)

Finding aid: OD003 – Westborough Tax Lists 

Town Finance – OD.002

Financial documents, including receipts, orders drawn, and account books.

Official collection name: Historical Records of the Town of Westborough: Finance, 1730-1869

Location: Shelving and Oversize

Local identifier: OD.002

Creator: Town of Westborough

Date: 1730-1869

Extent: 2.5 linear feet (2 boxes + 1 oversize box)

Subject: Finance–Westborough (Mass.)

Finding aid: OD002 – Westborough Finance

Town Reports – LH.051

Bound and unbound Town Reports.

Official collection name: Westborough Town Reports, 1853-Present

Location: Reference shelving

Local identifier: LH.051

Creator: Town of Westborough

Date: 1853-Present

Extent: 7 linear feet

Subject: Westborough (Mass.)–Administration–Periodicals